Biodegradable Glitter Snow
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Biodegradable Glitter Snow

Discover DecorSnow: China's Leading Factory Supplier! Elevate your event with our Biodegradable Glitter Snow, made from premium PLA for safety and easy handling. Its realistic look enhances winter-themed decor. Rely on our exceptional sourcing for effortless procurement. Buy now for top-notch outcomes.

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Product Description

Biodegradable Glitter Snow

Welcome to DecorSnow's product page, featuring our newest innovation in seasonal decor - the ECO Artificial Foss Snow. Crafted with a focus on environmental sustainability, our ECO Artificial Foss Snow is more than just a decorative item; it's a move towards a more eco-friendly future.

Product Overview: Introducing DecorSnow's Artificial Snow, a premium decoration crafted to bring the charm of a white Christmas to your home, office, or event space while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Unlike typical decorative snow made from fossil fuel-based plastics, our product is crafted from PLA (Polylactic Acid), an innovative material derived from plant starch like corn. PLA is renowned for its biodegradability and sustainability, representing a significant step forward in eco-friendly decorating.

Product Highlights:

• Sustainable Material: Our Biodegradable Glitter Snow stands out for its use of PLA, a bioplastic sourced from renewable materials. Its biodegradability makes it an eco-friendly choice.

• Realistic and Sparkling: Mimicking real snow, our Artificial Foss Snow adds a lifelike touch to Christmas decor with a sprinkle of glitter for added festivity.

• Versatile Use: With 20oz/570g of artificial snow per pack, our product suits various applications, from holiday displays to DIY crafts, offering endless decorating possibilities.

• Odorless and Durable: Crafted from high-quality PLA, our artificial snow is lightweight, odor-free, and built to last, ensuring your decorations stay pristine throughout the season.

For Wholesalers and Retailers: DecorSnow's Biodegradable Glitter Snow revolutionizes the seasonal decor market, presenting wholesalers and retailers with a distinctive selling point. As consumer interest in eco-friendly products grows, offering our PLA-based decorative snow enables you to satisfy this demand while advocating for sustainable lifestyles.

Keywords and Purchase Terms:

• Green Holiday Decor: Tap into the rising demand for environmentally friendly decorations.

• PLA Snow: Showcase the unique material of our product.

• Biodegradable Seasonal Accents: Highlighting the eco-friendly advantages.

• Bulk Sustainable Decor: Providing wholesale options for eco-conscious businesses.

Add DecorSnow's ECO Artificial Foss Snow to your holiday offerings and join us in embracing eco-friendly Christmas decor. Our dedication to sustainability and creative design makes our ECO Artificial Foss Snow an ideal option for conscious decorating.

Product Features:

1. Christmas Snow Decor: Mimicking the texture of real snow, our glitter fake snow decorations effortlessly enhance your Christmas ambiance. Sprinkle them on your tree, wreath, table, window, and more for an authentic festive feel.

2. DIY Crafting: Enjoy creative fun with our sparkling fake snow powder filler. Whether it's for tables or gift bags, it's perfect for easy DIY party crafts, adding a delightful touch to your celebrations.

3. Versatile Usage: From winter-themed activities to Christmas parties and DIY crafts, our fake snow powder is a versatile addition. Use it for tree decorations, wreaths, holiday displays, and more to create charming snow scenes and elevate your decor.

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Biodegradable Glitter Snow



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Shenzhen, Guangdong

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Shenzhen, Guangdong


1. Our general packaging method Styrofoam/Polyfoam

2. Customized packaging is acceptable. Such as gift boxes, corner protectors, shrink wrap, stickers, barcodes, etc.


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