Polymer Snow/Magic Snow
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Polymer Snow/Magic Snow

DecorSnow, a leading supplier of Polymer Snow/Magic Snow in China, provides competitive prices and guaranteed quality for bulk winter decorations. Our Polymer Snow Magic Snow is highly favored for its affordability and effectiveness. Just mix the snow powder with water, and watch as the polymer snow expands by 100%.

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Product Description

Polymer Snow/Magic Snow

Experience Enchanting Snow Effects with Our Magic Snow

DecorSnow, a leading supplier of Polymer Snow/Magic Snow in China, Enter a snowy paradise with our adaptable Magic Snow, ideal for bringing lifelike snow scenes to life in film, TV, and ads. Whether you desire pristine powder or melting slush, our snow provides top-notch results for any need. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, our Magic Snow effortlessly turns surfaces into enchanting winter landscapes.

Unlock a World of Snow Effects

With our Magic Snow, you have endless options. Adjust the amount and add water to create lying snow, slush, or ice effects. Remember, never use it as a dry powder! After use, simply dispose of our decorative snow in household waste—do not flush it down the sewage system.

Versatile Coverage and Application

Each 500g of Magic Snow can produce up to 50L of snow, ensuring you have more than enough for any occasion. Whether you're working indoors in a studio for films and television, creating stage or display window snow, or building super model backdrops, our Magic Snow is your go-to choice for enchanting snow effects.

With each 500g of Magic Snow, you can create up to 50 liters of snow, providing an ample supply for any occasion. Whether you're indoors filming for TV or movies, decorating stage sets or display windows, or constructing model backdrops, our Magic Snow is the perfect choice for captivating snow effects.

Elevate Your Productions with Magic Snow

Watch as our Polymer Snow/Magic Snow transforms your winter scenes into enchanting wonderlands. Experience the magic firsthand and witness the captivating effects it brings to life!

Discover the enchantment of authentic snow with our artificial snow. Our lightweight, fluffy, and non-melting dry plastic snow is ideal for both indoor and outdoor winter scenes. Whether it's decorating your Christmas village displays, tables, or windows, this versatile snow adds a festive flair to any winter-themed party or setting. Plus, there's no need for water - just sprinkle our dry fake snow directly onto any surface for instant winter charm!

Transform your space into a winter wonderland with our eco-friendly fake snow, crafted from biodegradable materials for safety and reusability throughout the season. Sprinkle it around ornaments, flocked branches, and Christmas village displays to create a magical winter scene indoors. Let DecorSnow fake snow bring the joy of a winter wonderland to life in your home!

Christmas Decorations:

Enhance your holiday decorations with our versatile artificial snow, perfect for commercial sets in movies or TV shows. Our fake snow brings authenticity and charm to scenes, elevating the festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Party Ambiance:

Create unforgettable scenes with our movie snow, designed to set the stage for remarkable events. Whether it's for TV dramas, movies, or commercial settings, our fake snow adds captivating backdrops that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Commercial Displays:

Make a statement with our artificial snow, perfect for highlighting products or crafting captivating displays. Our fake snow adds a touch of elegance to any setting, making it ideal for commercial sets in movies or TV shows.

DIY Crafting:

Unleash your creativity with our fake snow, ideal for commercial sets in movies or TV shows. Our artificial snow enhances scenes with its lifelike appearance and versatile applications, adding authenticity and charm.

Snow Effects: Footprints, Tire Tracks, Frost and Rime, Snow Blankets

Quality: Professional-grade

Coverage: Outstanding

Application Areas: Film, Photography, Theatre, Outdoor Settings

Environmentally friendly: 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Why Choose Us:

Expertise in artificial snow production and installation.

Tailored innovative solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.

Attention to detail, crafting lifelike and visually stunning winter landscapes.

Reliable, timely service to ensure your project stays on schedule.

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